Special Promotion! Get 15%* off on your first purchase storewide!
*T&Cs apply   |   use code: 1stRocket

Use code: 1stRocket to get 15%* off your 1st purchase. *T & Cs apply

  1. This discount code is capped at a maximum discount value of SGD 350 per cart, or equivalent currency based on OctoRocket’s prevailing currency exchange rates at the time of payment.
  2. The discount rate given is calculated based on the purchase price before GST of all items in the checkout cart. 
  3. The discount code is only valid for the buyer’s first purchase with OctoRocket.
  4. This discount code is valid as long as it is displayed on OctoRocket.asia’s product page.
  5. Users must enter the discount code at the checkout page on www.OctoRocket.asia in order to redeem it.  
  6. Any payment transacted in a different currency from Singapore Dollars (SGD) shall be processed based on OctoRocket’s prevailing currency exchange rates at the time of payment.  
  7. The discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion coupon or discount code. 
  8. The discount code is not exchangeable for cash and any unused balance will not be refunded.
  9. This discount code is not legal tender and cannot be deposited into any bank account.   
  10. All promotions and offers by OctoRocket are subjected to a set of terms and conditions, which we reserve the right to change without prior notice, in the best interests of the company.
  11. This promotion code does not apply to any product found in the MIFB product catalogue on OctoRocket.asia
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