10 bundles of Grilled Laver for Gimbap

Daeryuk Foods

Using the highest quality of the original.
it is Crispy and fragrant seaweed baked with plenty of sesame oil


500 carton(s) (100 pcs / carton) Korea Available for Sale in
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USD64.00 Singapore



Brand Name DAERYUK
Country of Origin Korea
Ingredients laver
Dimensions 29.00 x 28.00 x 41.50 cm
Number of pieces per carton 100
Port City Busan
Port Country Korea
Port Name Port Busan
Product Type Food > Confectionery & Snacks > Chips & Crisps
Shelf Life 12
Unit of Measure (UOM) carton
Weight 4.00kg


To produce clean and safe products, the company has strict inspection and hygiene production facilities for raw materials and operates a thorough management system. We strive to provide healthy and delicious products by continuously researching and developing various tastes and tastes of consumers due to changes in diet.
It can be eaten immediately without cutting.

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Min order: carton
Ships to: Singapore
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