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Asmara Asana 6 Healthy Drink 160ml

Stessa Group


30 carton(s) (30 pcs / carton) Singapore Available for Sale in
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Brand Name Asmara
Countries available for export Singapore
Country of Origin Singapore
Ingredients bird’s nest, honey, herbs, soybean & nuts
Dimensions 5.00 x 17.00 x 5.00 cm
Number of pieces per carton 30
Port City Singapore
Port Country Singapore
Port Name Singapore
Product Specs SFA, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP
Product Type Healthy Drink
Shelf Life 12 months
Unit cost (per piece) 6.95
Unit of Measure (UOM) Carton
Weight 1.00kg


Calming & Cognition Beverage
100% Natural
For: Relaxation, Cognition, Endurance, and Gut Health
CLEO Hall of Fame Award Winner 2018
Asana 6 is made from a blend of 6 unique functional ingredients. The beverage contains ingredients such as lavender and winter cherry ginseng, which are known to have calming and soothing properties. The different herbs and flowers in beverage are also known to improve your mood, cognition, skin and digestive health.
A product of Singapore. The beverages are brewed in a SFA, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified facility in Singapore.
– Consume 1/2 or 1 bottle per day.
– Shake well before opening.
– Can be served at room temperature or chilled.
– Refrigerate after opening & consume within 1-2 day(s).
– Unopened bottles can be kept at room temperature for 12 months.
– Suitable for older children, adults & vegetarians (contains honey & bird’s nest).
– Manufactured in a facility that uses: bird’s nest, honey, herbs, soybean & nuts.
– Herbal: not suitable for pre-schoolers & pregnant / breastfeeding mothers.
– If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor / dietitian first.
– Colour change and sediments are natural and do not affect the quality.
Ingredients: New Zealand black doris plum, organic garcinia indica extract, organic winter cherry ginseng, organic French rose petal, rose water, organic French lavender flower, crystallized honey sugar, corn prebiotic fibre & manuka honey UMF5+.

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