Cardiofit - Organic Cold-pressed Wild Apple Cocktail 500ml

Hucklebee by Sajis


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Brand Name Hucklebee
Countries available for export Worldwide
Country of Origin Bosnia and Herzegovina
HS Code 2008
Ingredients Wild apple, lemon, wild garlic, nettle
Weight 5.15kg
Number of pieces per carton 6
Port Country SINGAPORE
Product Specs Vegan, gluten-free, CERTIFICATIONS: Halal, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Good Manufacturing Practice, Organic
Product Type Food & Beverage > Beverage > Juice & Milk
Shelf Life 36
Dimensions 24.00 x 20.00 x 16.00 cm
Unit of Measure (UOM) Cartons


Cardiofit complex is a natural product which contains high concentrations of several extraordinarily valuable and active substances, which is produced by the cold processing of wild apples and other herbs, while its final composition represents the protected Cardiofit complex.
The basic ingredient of wild apples, contains a powerful instrument in fighting cholesterol and hypertension, which is quercetin.
Quercetin was isolated in 1857, however its true effects were discovered during the past few decades by a series of clinical studies. Quercetin belongs to the group called flavonoids, which have powerful protective effects from various illnesses. Among these effects, its positive effect on decreasing the possibility of heart attacks and strokes should be emphasized, as well as its anti-inflammatory effect. Quercetin also has strong antioxidant effects with which it practically destroys free radicals, substances which damage various types of tissue in our organism. Apart from this, quercetin is antiallergenic. Moreover, it exhibits a strong positive effect on blood vessel system and on the overall health of blood vessels, while its effects on the deceleration of the progression of atherosclerosis have been confirmed by many studies.
There is currently no other preparation with such a wide span of positive effects on numerous systems and illnesses.
Wild apples contain very high concentrations of quercetin, up to 65 mg/kg.
However, quercetin in apples is in the form of a glycoconjugate and metabolically changes in the small intestines and bowels, which render it inactive, destroy its protective properties and excrete 72% of its total amount as a deactivated substance through urine.
The production of Cardiofit complex involves the newest technologies. By using these technologies, quercetin is extracted from wild apples and transformed into pure quercetin, which does not metabolically change and, as such, provides the organism with the maximum protective effect.
Dyslipidaemia (disorder of the lipids in the blood) and hypertension (high blood pressure) are two illnesses which are reaching epidemic proportions, and if we add obesity to them, we may say that these are the most widespread disorders within the mature population.

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