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Giant King Healthy Fruit Snack - Banana (100 Packs)

Westwood Group

Freeze Dried Banana, New Trend Snacks.


100 carton(s) (100 pcs / carton) Singapore Available for Sale in
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Brand Name Giant King Healthy Fruit Snack
Countries available for export Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Etc.
Country of Origin Thailand
HS Code 8135090
Ingredients Banana 100%
Weight 6.00kg
Number of pieces per carton 100
Port City Singapore
Port Country Singapore
Port Name Singapore
Product Specs GMP, HACCP
Product Type Confectionery, Snacks & Spreads
Shelf Life 18 Months
Dimensions 55.50 x 31.50 x 43.50 cm
Unit of Measure (UOM) Carton


Our product is the Gros Michel banana from the finest plantation in Pathum Thani Khlong 8-13. We can say that when it comes to scent, sweetness, crunchiness, and taste, this variety of banana is second to none. They yield throughout the year and after being freeze-dried, the outcome is a unique delectable flavour of banana. You can pair it with yogurt or ice cream to make a wonderful combination. All these reasons make our banana freeze-dried to be the snack that you can keep on eating and do not want to put down!

This product is the perfect healthy snack for people who want to be in good health, love to take good care of their bodies, or wish to be in good shape.

Though it has no sugar, our products are still very delicious and crispy without any oil.

These reasons make Giant King’s freeze-dried and soft dried fruits suitable for everyone.

You will find 100% of the original fruity flavour, supreme grade of quality fruit from the reputable factory, and a satisfying scent along with the delightful taste.

In addition, the appealing package of Giant King also makes it the ideal present for your friends, family, and beloved ones on every occasion.

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