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TG 60g Cheese Popcorn

Tong Garden Food For a crunchy, salty treat, popcorn is the best option!
FOB Price

US$13.00 per carton

Minimum Order 1


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Brand Name Tong Garden
Countries available for export Asia & Europe
Country of Origin Malaysia
HS Code 1005.90.1000
Ingredients Corn, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Parmesan Cheese, Milk Powder, Yeast Extract, Salt, Silicon Dioxide
Minimum Order 1
Number of pieces per carton 120
Port City Singapore
Port Country Singapore
Port Name Singapore
Product Specs Confectionery, Snacks & Spreads
Unit cost (per piece) 0.108333333333333
Unit of Measure (UOM) Carton
Dimensions 52.00 x 18.00 x 32.00 cm
Weight 0.96kg


For a crunchy, salty treat, popcorn is the best option! Popcorn may only seem like a delicious snack for movie theatres and comfy nights at home, but there are also many health benefits such as antioxidant, vitamin B complex, manganese, and magnesium content associated with this air-popped food.